Congratulations to the KKE for the excellent election results

24 June 2024

International Commission of the NCPN

The NCPN congratulates the KKE on the significant victory they achieved in the European Elections. Garnering 9.25% of the vote nationwide, compared to 5.35% in the 2019 European Elections and 7.69% in the 2023 Greek National Elections, is a testament to the KKE’s steadfast dedication to important local struggles and the growing confidence and trust of the people in the KKE. Particularly significant are the local achievements in working class and popular areas, such as securing 11% in Attica and winning 50% in the LARCO workers’ villages, demonstrate the deep connection and solidarity the KKE has built with working people.

The percentages by far do not reflect the real influence of the party. They are a testament to the much broader year-round political work and impact of the KKE in the workplaces, neighborhoods and in the streets. With this knowledge the victory is all the more encouraging for us communists in the Netherlands. It inspires us and confirms the necessity to deepen the struggle against our own bourgeoisie and the imperialist EU, a struggle in which the Greek working class and the KKE prove to be leading forces. Together we will continue to build up and reorientate the workers’-people’s movements against the anti-popular imperialist alliance of war, exploitation and anti-communism. Together towards a better future for Europe, because a society of socialism-communism is possible!

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