Statement Concerning the Recent Attacks by the Israeli Army in Jenin

21 July 2023

International Commission of the NCPN

The New Communist Party of the Netherlands strongly condemn the heinous and appalling attacks that took place recently against the refugee camp in Jenin. This act of violence once again represents a blatant disregard for the existence of the Palestinian people by the Israeli regime.

In the latest attacks by the Israeli army 13 Palestinians have lost their lives, while many more have been injured and have seen what little they have destroyed by Israeli bulldozers and air strikes under the pretext of “counter-terrorism”, a pretext which we unequivocally reject.

There must be an immediate end to the oppression and violence faced by Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli occupation. The ongoing conflict and systematic injustices endured by the Palestinian people have caused immeasurable suffering, and the occupation of Palestinian land must end.

Solidarity with the people of Palestine! Freedom for Palestine!