April 14, 2002
This is a first - preliminary - declaration of the board of New Communist Party of the Netherlands - NCPN, concerning the Chavez victory in Venezuela.

The people said BASTA

Democraticly chosen president Chavez back in power.

The right-wing coup is over; the president is back.

This victory wil have tremendous positive impacts on the progressive forces all over the world.

On sunday, april 14, 2002, there was an event in the Bolivarian Republic of inmense interest for de people of Venezuela en for all progressive forces in the world.

In Venezuela the oppressed people took back the power from a number of rich and corrupted, CIA supported, coup participants.

The majority of the army choose to support the eight times democraticly choosen president of the country: Hugo Chavez. The coup participants started the coup preparations on december 10, 2001. Al these months they were openly supported by diaries like 'El Universal', 'El Nacional' y various television channels, but also by the 'bourgeois international press'. Manifest (bi-semenal newspaper issued by NCPN) continued for its orientation to consult progressive sources from Venezuela, that confirmed that Chavez had confidance in the success of the starting revolucion in Venezuela.

De board of NCPN, like those of many other communist, workers and progressive parties, was deeply shocked when it seemed that the right-wing military coup of AD (Acción Democratica), COPEI (right-wing christian socialists), the right-wing leaders of the trade union of petrol CTV (Carlos Ortega), of Alfrede Peña, the maire of Caracas, of the employers organization FEDECAMARAS, the president of which, Pedro Carmona, was put to be state president, would succeed.

The NCPN is concious of the far reaching consecuences of the victory of the progressive forces in Venezuela. It will support class struggle in Venezuela, It will have a positive effect on the struggle of the South American progressive forces against US imperialism and for independance. Positive for the struggle against exploytation and poverty in that continent as well. But it will a have a much bigger impact, also in other part of the world.

I prooves that struggle can be rewarded, where the brutal military domination of imperialism began to enter a certain hopelessness in the minds of many progressive people. The victory of the revolution in Venezuela gives all progressive people new strength to keep the struggle going and also make it stronger.

The coup participants started with the cancelation of more than fourty progressive laws and cancelled oil provision to Cuba. The coup participants also promised revision of the country's position in OPEC. The victory of the Chavez democratic movement will have far reaching positive international consecuences, because the government of Venezuela follows an political line that is independent of the United States.

The NCPN also congratulates the comrades of the CP of Venezuela, that plays an importænt role the democratic revolution of president Hugo Chavez.

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