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Juan Guaido and Donald Trump made a huge mistake picking May 1st as the day to stage yet another failed coup attempt. May 1st is International Workers Day, a day when many thousands across the world come into the street to raise righteous resistance in solidarity with the working class across the globe. If they are attempting to demoralize our forces, they have instead increased the militancy and number of those who will be in the streets tomorrow. Find a May Day action HERE.

Only a few hundred people from the Venezuelan military, most of whom are currently outside of Venezuela, have defected so far in what will go down in history as the saddest attempt at U.S.-led regime change known to human history. Only a few hours after Juan Guaido appeared on Twitter calling for an armed uprising with a dozen or so people in uniform, tens of thousands of Venezuelan working class people have mobilized outside of Miraflores to support the Bolivarian revolution.

As the President of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly said from the steps of the Presidential headquarters this morning: “We are a conscious, warrior and revolutionary people. Imperialism can understand it however it wants, but to the Palace of Miraflores they will never return.”

While a handful of coup-supporters and their U.S. government armed escort try and take the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., only a small showing in the most affluent neighborhoods in Caracas have come out to support this affront to Venezuelan sovereignty. The working class and oppressed of the world outnumber the warmongers and capitalists, and we will continue to prove this through active and militant presence in the streets.

The best way to show solidarity with the people of Venezuela and prove that this coup will continue to fail is to mobilize! Tomorrow is our day, and Juan Guaido, Donald Trump and their lackeys in the Pentagon and CIA are not invited!

No War on Venezuela

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