A militant 2024!

1 January 2024

Political Bureau

A healthy, good and militant 2024! That is our wish for the workers, self-employed, students, pupils, pensioners and others of the working class. This militancy will be indispensable next year, because struggle is the only way to build a better society together. A society without the insecurity, poverty, wars and discrimination we face daily in today’s society based on capitalist exploitation.

We can look back on a year in which the working class in various sectors showed that struggle pays off. With strikes, demonstrations and other actions in the Netherlands and surrounding countries, issues affecting the working class were raised and improvements were enforced. Important steps were also taken last year in strengthening the party and Communist Youth Movement (CJB). Progress was also made in the international communist movement with the formation of the European Communist Action (ECA). These steps must be further developed next year to strengthen the capability of the labour movement.

In The Hague, the far-right winners of the Lower House elections and the other bourgeois political parties are busy negotiating the composition of the new cabinet and future policies. In this process, the interests of big capital are determinant, and new attacks on the people’s standard of living are being prepared. Those attacks are a continuation of the policies of previous government and the EU. Struggle is the only way to stop the decline and defend and recapture our incomes and what is left of social services.

What does get fed is the war budget. Our country is getting more and more involved in conflicts and wars. Over the past year, millions of lives have been destroyed in regional wars in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. Wars that stem from the growing contradictions between imperialists, who compete with each other over markets, resources, transportation routes and spheres of influence. The Netherlands’ embedding in imperialist alliances like NATO and the EU creates a real danger that our country will be dragged into these regional wars, which threaten to escalate to other countries. It is therefore of great importance that in the new year the struggle against war, against Dutch interference in imperialist conflicts and interventions, and against imperialist alliances like NATO and the EU, is strengthened.

We are counting on all party members, CJB-members and sympathisers again next year. The communist party and its newspaper, the NCPN and Manifest, are indispensable weapons for the working class in the struggle for its incomes and rights, for peace and for socialism!

A healthy, good and militant 2024!

PB of the CC of the NCPN