Congratulations for the KKE election results

29 May 2023

International Commission of the NCPN

The New Communist Party of the Netherlands congratulates our fraternal comrades of the Communist Party of Greece on their impressive results in the recent general elections for the Greek parliament. Over 425,000 Greeks (a 40% increase from the previous election) placed their trust in the Communist Party with their votes.

This significant electoral outcome is a remarkable victory for the Greek working class and instills hope in workers worldwide. It demonstrates the potential for accomplishing extraordinary feats through a strong communist party and an organized proletariat. The Greek electorate has sent a clear message to the Greek bourgeoisie and their bourgeois parties through their votes that they will not be fooled by bourgeois governments of various shades. The strategy of the KKE to not participate in any bourgeois, anti-popular government pays off!

Increasingly, the working class is losing faith in the capitalist system. The recent train crash in Tempi, which claimed the lives of 57 people, serves as a tragic example of how the capitalist system prioritizes profits over the lives and safety of the people. The KKE’s role in denouncing this incident and organizing the struggle from a class-oriented perspective has provided Greek workers with the impetus to fight for a different society.

We also wish the KKE great success in the upcoming elections. We believe that the Communist Party will experience even greater strengthening. The KKE will serve as the voice of the people in the Parliament, opposing the anti-popular measures that are likely to be implemented in the coming years. They will remain true representatives of the interests of the working class, countering the assaults of the bourgeoisie.

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