Hands off socialist Cuba! Down with the imperialist blockade!

26 July 2022

International Bureau of the CC of the NCPN

69 years ago the spark of the Revolution of the Cuban people was lit at the attack on Moncada barracks. The victory of the Revolution six years later remains a beacon of hope for all the workers in the world who are exploited by capitalist barbarity and suffer from its consequences: crises and imperialist wars.

The New Communist Party of the Netherlands would like to once again extend our solidarity to the Cuban people in their fight against the criminal imperialist blockade imposed by the United States that has had devastating effects on the people of Cuba. It is the blockade which is responsible for the problems the Cuban people are facing today. We stand with the Cuban people in demanding that this blockade is immediately abolished.

We denounce the efforts of imperialism in attempting to subvert the Revolution by spreading vile anticommunist and antirevolutionary propaganda and by organizing violent demonstrations. We stand in solidarity with socialist Cuba.

Cuba does not stand alone!

Down with the blockade!


International Bureau of the CC of the NCPN