Hands off the Communist Party of Venezuela! No to the plans to attack and ban the Communist Party of Venezuela!

25 May 2023

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties

For many months now, communists all over the world have been following a slanderous and anti-communist campaign against the CP of Venezuela launched by the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). All signs indicate that this process will escalate in the coming months.

While the CP of Venezuela is participating in and promoting the struggles for the improvement of wages, the people’s income and the rights of working people in general, the Venezuelan government chooses the slippery slope of criminalizing struggles and persecuting communists. It cannot subjugate the CP of Venezuela and turn it into an instrument in the service of the anti-popular policy that has condemned the Venezuelan people to the escalating deterioration of their living conditions; thus it aims to create a mockery of the Communist Party, comprised of mercenaries, PSUV members and government officials, so that it can then justify the attack and judicial intervention against the CP of Venezuela.

The Communist and Workers’ Parties unequivocally condemn and reject any attempt to prosecute and criminalize the CP of Venezuela as well as any judicial machination that may not recognize its elected leadership in the recent 16th Congress. We are well aware that the CP of Venezuela has many years of militant experience and unbreakable ties with the working class and the people and that it will not bow before blackmail and persecution.

We express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people who are the victims of both the imperialist sanctions and attacks and the anti-popular policies that are being implemented. We particularly express our solidarity with the Communist Party and the Communist Youth of Venezuela, with the workers’–people’s movement in Venezuela as a whole and its legitimate right to struggle to defend its demands and interests.


No to the intervention in and ban on the Communist Party of Venezuela!
No to the criminalization of the workers’ struggles and the Communist Party of Venezuela!