Hands off Yemen, stop imperialist interventions!

20 January 2024

International Commission of the NCPN

On 12 January, the US and the UK, with the help of the Dutch state, launched missiles at Yemen under the pretext of “protecting free transit” from Houthi attacks. In reality, it is about strengthening the grip on the region by the imperialist US-EU-NATO bloc and continuing arms supplies to the Israeli state in the face of their genocide against the Palestinian people. The escalation is part of the growing antagonism between the Euro-Atlantic bloc and their competitors in the region, including Russia and Iran.

The NCPN strongly condemns this attack and the Netherlands’ involvement in it. This imperialist intervention throws even more oil on the fire in the region and increases the chances of a more general imperialist world war. This will have disastrous consequences, also for the Dutch population. The outgoing cabinet bears a great responsibility for further “setting the Middle East on fire”.

The NCPN stresses that the cause of these escalations and interventions lies in the imperialist system itself, which tries to “redistribute” the world in the interest of the big monopolies. We call for struggle against the imperialist system, especially against the Dutch monopolies and government, against NATO and against the plans of the US-EU-NATO bloc to use force to defend their profits at the expense of the peoples.

This is why we say:

  • Hands off Yemen!
  • Stop the genocide in Palestine, cut ties with Israel!
  • No involvement of the Netherlands in imperialist interventions!
  • Netherlands out of NATO and the EU!