NCPN condemns the attack on the Communist Party of Venezuela

29 July 2022

International Bureau

The NCPN strongly condemns the attack on the political rights of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV). Last week, the social-democratic PSUV-government used the repression apparatus against a peaceful demonstration organized by the workers to fight for the maintenance of their wages and labour conditions.

Members of the PCV faced brutal physical violence organized by the PSUV government and SEBIN (Bolivarian Intelligence Agency). Comrade Jackeline López, a member of the PCV Central Committee and of the national leadership of the “Clara Zetkin” women’s movement, was attacked during the demonstration. After the demonstration, a vehicle of the PCV was followed by the intelligence service. Upon arrival at the party’s headquarters, the vehicle was surrounded. Comrade Adelaida Zerpa, a member of the Central Committee, was brutally attacked and Angel Castillo, national coordinator of the “June 2nd Collective” of the Barrio Adentro health workers and PCV member, was taken by the intelligence services, effectively kidnapped. After these events were condemned by the PCV and the labor movement and the expression of international solidarity, he was released.

This is not an isolated incident, but an expression of a trend of increasing repression against the PCV and the labor movement. The PSUV government is taking measures that harm the achievements of the Venezuelan working class and is trying to suppress opposition to these policies.

We condemn the increased repression against the PCV and demand that the Venezuelan government stops these attacks on the PCV.

The NCPN stands in solidarity with the PCV and the Venezuelan working class!

International Bureau of the CC of the NCPN