There is no rehabilitation of Nazi accomplices from the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht and SS units in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan!

22 March 2023

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Declaration by communist parties

The Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan calls on the communist and workers’ parties to protest and support this statement about the intentions of the ruling classes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to justify the members of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht, Muslim SS units, as well as counter-revolutionary rebels (Basmachi) with weapons in their hands, who fought against Soviet power, and supported by Turkey and Great Britain.

The fact is that in the Kyrgyz parliament, on the second attempt, a bill on the “final rehabilitation of victims of Stalinist repressions of 1918 – 1953” was adopted for discussion, developed back in 2019 by the local Soros Foundation and the “Open Government” funded by USAID. And in Kazakhstan, the state commission for final rehabilitation, established at the end of 2020 by presidential decree, is actively operating, which has already prepared 31 volumes of documents and exculpatory materials for 250 thousand people.

Both in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, the participants of the “final rehabilitation” included ordinary criminals, bandits and convicted of embezzlement and official crimes among the “victims of Bolshevism” in order to show the mass nature of repression. Among those who are justified in various ways, including with the participation of pro–Western NGOs and local nationalists, are those who have not previously been rehabilitated – terrorists, spies, traitors to the motherland, Basmachi and accomplices of the German Nazis.

It is also obvious that the Kazakh authorities have taken the path of creating a State Commission for final Rehabilitation under the influence of the resolution of the European Parliament, which equated the USSR with Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union is already presented by official propaganda as a state that staged a deliberate genocide of local peoples and the so-called “Holodomor”.

Accordingly, for the deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan and members of the State Commission of Kazakhstan, it is no longer a shame to rehabilitate not only the members of the battalions of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht who fought against the partisans and the peoples of Greece, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Belarus and Ukraine, but the SS division “New Turkestan”, formed in 1944 to fight the partisans in Belarus, as well as about the soldiers of the 1st East Muslim SS Regiment, formed in 1944 and participated in the suppression of the Warsaw uprising.

In this case, the ruling classes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan follow the example of the Baltic countries, glorifying the “fighters for national independence” against the “Stalinist regime” on the example of the same founder and ideological inspirer of the Turkestan Legion of the Wehrmacht and Muslim SS units Mustafa Shokai and Basmachi. These actions are aimed at revising history, as well as creating conditions for banning communist ideology and Soviet symbols.

Active decommunization, expressed in the renaming of streets and settlements, as well as in the demolition of monuments to party figures and fighters for Soviet power, is also an ideological cover for the anti-social policy of cuts and privatization in order to further enslave workers throughout Central Asia.


SolidNet Parties

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. Party of Labour of Austria
  3. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  4. Communist Party of Belgium
  5. Communist Party of Britain
  6. Communist Party of Canada
  7. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  8. Communist Party in Denmark
  9. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
  10. German Communist Party
  11. Communist Party of Greece
  12. Hungarian Workers’ Party
  13. Workers Party of Ireland
  14. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
  15. Communist Party of Kazakhstan
  16. Socialist Party of Latvia
  17. Communist Party of Pakistan
  18. Russian Communist Workers Party
  19. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  20. Communists of Serbia
  21. Communist Party of Turkey
  22. Communist Party of Venezuela
  23. New Communist Party of the Netherlands

Other Parties

  1. Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan
  2. Socialist Front of Latvia